Fot. Jasny Kadr
Fot. Jasny Kadr
Fot. Jasny Kadr

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My service is about more than just designing wedding accessories.

Clients often come to me in search of stoles, and they come out with a complete wedding styling - sometimes I choose the color of flowers, jewelry or hair decorations.
Due to the fact that I have experience in designing, I can see the client's figure as a whole. I suggest which colors match it, I show the textures that the client often did not even have contact with before. This is our common wedding path.
We discuss, choose materials, try on, choose until we find IT!
What's more, we don't even have to meet some of my clients face to face!
All this thanks to the efficient e-mail and telephone exchange as well as the samples I send.

I really like this wonderful moment of transformation visible in the very eyes, but most of all in a smile! And only this is the best indicator that we both did our job well and did a great job!

Thank you for these priceless moments!
Grażyna Osiecka

I make the dreams of my clients come true, I create unique garments
so that they feel special in them.

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Grażyna Osiecka-Jaśkiewicz,
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