What for the wedding?

GO-05 szal ślubny Fot. Fotografia Justyna Banaszczyk

What for the wedding? Which garment to choose for a dress?

Pytacie mnie często jakie okrycie ślubne wybrać do konkretnego fasonu  sukni?
Jaki fason będzie idealny i „nie pogrubiał”?
Jaki kolor będzie pasował do stylizacji ślubnej?
Niewątpliwie zbliża się sezon na jesienno-zimowe śluby a w raz z nim ruszają przygotowania do kompletowania  garderoby ślubnej.  Biżuteria, buty, kwiaty to  must have po sukni ślubnej, które trzeba mieć.  A co z okryciem ślubnym? Choć wydaje się  że jest jeszcze dużo czasu to z pewnością tak nie jest.
3, 4 miesiące przed ślubem warto już szukać okrycia.
Odpowiadając na pytanie w czym do ślubu? pokażę Wam jakie są możliwości i przedstawię moje propozycje.
Do you often ask me what wedding garments to choose for a specific style of the dress? What cut will be perfect and will not "thicken"? What color will match the wedding styling? Undoubtedly, the season for autumn and winter weddings is approaching and so are the preparations for completing the wedding wardrobe. Jewelry, shoes, flowers are a must have after a must-have wedding dress. What about the wedding garment? While it seems there is still a lot of time, it certainly is not. 3 or 4 months before the wedding, it is worth looking for a cover. Answering the question about what to get married? I will show you what are the possibilities and present my suggestions. Because the weather can vary and buying such an accessory at the last minute is a great risk. Remember! Not all available garments in stores will suit you and your dress. That is why I always make my clients sensitive not to leave it for the end. A few months before the wedding date, we can safely choose or design and sew the perfect wedding cover for you. How you go to the wedding is up to you.

The wedding cover must fit you

For many months you have been asking yourself this question "where do I go to the wedding"? The choice is not that simple, but on the other hand, if you know what you want, you are lucky. Lots of girls have a hard time with that, but I'm here to help you make that choice.
  Undoubtedly, the wedding covering must match the style of the dress and the bride's figure. Everything has to match, texture and color. First of all, you need to feel comfortable and beautiful. Therefore, the choice of cover must be thoughtful and acceptable. Perhaps you will wear it on other occasions? I always say that every woman's wardrobe should have a faux fur wrap that can save us in many situations.
Faux fur bridal ecru coat GO-06
Faux fur bridal ecru coat GO-06
Za zatem w czym do ślubu?
W mojej ofercie jest wiele fasonów do wyboru:

Faux fur bridal stole

the stole is 30 cm wide and fastened at the front with a latch GO-01, GO-03, GO-08, GO-10

It is certainly a model for women who need to have their hands free.

Faux fur bridal nude stole GO-01
Faux fur bridal latte stole GO-03 Fot. Jasny kadr
Faux fur bridal latte stole GO-10, Fot. Jacek Patecki



Faux fur stole fastened on the side with a hook, eg GO-07, GO-40. It's a vintage style that's very romantic and subtle. Like the previous cape, it is fastened at the front, but with a hook and eye. In fact, such a stool can be twisted around the body, changing its shape.

Faux fur bridal stole
Faux fur bridal stole GO-07
Faux fur bridal stole GO-40, Fot. Mfotografia

GO-54 glamor style stole

GO-54 glamor style stole
GO-54 glamor style stole


Faux fur wedding latte shawl

classic scarf in a rectangle with a width of 30 cm and 40 cm to choose from. Such a scarf is long (150 cm or 160 cm) without fastening. The shawl should fall gently from the back and shoulders. In case of cold, of course, you can wrap it up to the neck, e.g. GO-04, GO-05, GO-41

GO-04 szal ślubny latte Fot. Pro Film
Faux fur bridal brown shawl GO-05, Fot. Zielona Kropka
Faux fur bridal ecru shawl GO-41 Fot. Bartek Lenart
Faux fur bridal ivoryshawl GO-43 Fot. Agnieszka Gofron
Maybe fur with sleeves for the wedding?

fur with sleeves is actually a scarf fastened with snaps. After fastening them, 3/4 sleeves are formed. In addition, it is fastened at the front with a hook and eye. e.g. GO-06, GO-42

GO-06 futerko z rękawami Fot. FreshFeel wideo i fotografia
GO-06 futerko z rękawami ecru Fot. MaxMaks artystyczna fotografia
GO-42 futerko z rękawami latte Fot. Patrycja Kierońska
GO-42 futerko z rękawami latte Fot. Sroka Fotografia Film
GO-42 futerko z rękawami ivory Fot. Motkowicz Photography
Are you dreaming of a wedding cape?

A fur cape is a very effective accessory that adds style and elegance. Unfortunately, this is a cut that does not fit every figure or cut of the dress. In this case, the fish-cut dress is the best. For the cold months, I recommend a faux fur cape, and for the warmer months, knitted fur or chiffon. GO-19, GO-39 models

GO-19 Peleryna ślubna Fot. Ania Cupczyńska
GO-39 pelerynka ślubna z dzianiny
Choose a cape with sleeves for the wedding

Why do I offer you GO-33 wedding cape? First of all, it is soft and drapes beautifully. It is made of fur knitted fabric. Available in many colors: white, ecru, ivory and beige. It covers the back and shoulders and is fastened at the front with a hook that can always be unfastened. For cold months, I recommend a warmer option, i.e. a double one, and for warm months on a satin lining. in-what-for-wedding-gofashiondesigner

GO-33 narzutka z dzianiny ecru Fot. Anna Kulesza Fotografie
GO-33 narzutka z dzianiny bezowa Fot. Katarzyna Sarandzul
GO-33 narzutka z dzianiny ivory Fot. Katarzyna Sarandzul


infinity scarf for the comfortable

What is a infinity scarf? It is a "tube" inserted over the head. The infinity scarf of faux fur is 30 cm wide. It can be of any color and made of any fur: with short or long hair. The photo shows the GO-55 bottle green.


GO-55 komin z futra Fot. Jasny Kadr
GO-55 komin z futra Fot. Jasny Kadr

The second proposal of the infinity scarf is a double infinity scarf made of knitted fur. It can be twisted at the front or straight.

Model GO-26

GO-26 komin Fot. Namysław Tomaka
GO-27 komin (tuba) Fot. Namysław Tomaka


Summing up, of course, not all styles and colors available in my store or in my Atelier in Warsaw. There are many, many more. Certainly, each of you will find your dream cover here. I hope you will find here the answer to the question What for the wedding? And if you like everything and you don't know what to choose for yourself, call or write to me.

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You will learn which lining to choose for an autumn wedding and which one for winter chill

Best regards

Grażyna Osiecka




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