What is the difference between a satin lining and a knitted lining?

I have many questions, such as: What is the difference between a satin lining and a knitted lining? What lining to choose for spring chill? Will I be warm if I choose a knitted lining for a winter wedding? If you are reading this post, you are definitely looking for answers to these questions.

Faux fur stole on a warm lining for a winter wedding

What is a satin lining?

There are several types of linings: satin, viscose, satin, fencing. I will list their properties in points:

  • satin - the most popular, which can be found in light and medium clothing. Its advantage is high durability. It mostly consists of synthetic fibers. Unless it is mixed with viscose.
  • viscose - made of cellulose fibers, has the advantages of natural fabrics, is air permeable, does not pick up static and is soft to the touch
  • satin - the most effective. It is smooth and has a strong shine, thanks to the satin weave, durable and very elegant.
  • fencer - pleasant to touch. It is a knitted fabric that is used as a lining and by itself. It is flexible, flowing and silky to the touch.

What lining to choose for a spring wedding?

I use satin, viscose or charme lining for sewing stoles for warm seasons: spring, summer, beginning of autumn. When sewing a fur coat on warm days, a light, thin lining that does not keep warm is enough. I use the satin lining in the fall and at the beginning of winter, when it's not yet frosty. That is why I always ask about the date of the wedding, the outdoor session and the style of the dress during the conversation with the client. Is it very cut at the back, thin straps or sleeves? You don't even know how important it is when choosing a lining.

Satin lining



Faux fur shawl Fot. Kamil Korczyński


Faux fur stole GO-03 na atłasowej podszewce Fot. Ania Cupczyńska


Faux fur shawl

What is the difference between a satin lining and a knitted lining?

The warm lining is knitted cotton to keep you warm. I use it for winter frosts and colds because the ordinary satin lining in the cold intensifies the feeling of winter. It is not pleasant and cold to the touch. But I note that only at minus temperatures. That is why I advise my clients to choose this warm lining when, for example, it is cold in the church or when she is having a wedding session in the winter outdoors. However, when you only need a stool to go from the car to the Church, and the Church is pleasantly heated, I will offer you, for example, a satin lining. Certainly it is enough and you will feel comfortable in it. You can read more about a winter wedding

Faux fur shawl GO-05 GO-05 na ciepłej podszewce wymiary 40cm x 150cm Fot. Marta Małycha Fotografia


A muff / hand warmer made of fur on a warm lining

I hope that after reading this post, you already know what is the difference between a satin and a knitted lining and which one to choose? Remember that I am always ready to help and I will be happy to help you with this choice.


GO-31 futerko slubne ivory