1. With how much anticipation should the future Bride make the purchase of a ready-made stole in the store?

The processing time for orders during the spring-summer season is 2-3 weeks, while during the autumn-winter season, the processing time extends to 4-5 weeks.

2. What is the waiting time for a custom order?

You are welcome to contact me 2 months in advance to calmly choose the perfect cover for your wedding outfit.

3. Is it possible to place an express order

Yes, it is possible. Everything depends on the wedding date and the processing time. Please feel free to contact me.

4. What does collaboration with the designer look like?

I invite you to read my blog post.

5. Is it possible to exchange the products.

Yes, although fur does not like traveling. That's why I encourage my clients to contact me in advance to choose the right garment.

6. Are refunds possible?

Yes. You can refund your product in 14 days time since receiving the package.

7. How to pack the stole for refund?

Please make sure that the shawl or stole is packed in the same box or wrapping as it was originally. Also, I kindly request that the fur inside the box is carefully folded to prevent any creasing during transportation.

8. Can I order fur samples?

Yes. I send fur samples after prior arrangement of colors. They can be ordered through the store.

9. How to store fur shawls and stoles?

After receiving the scarf and checking if everything is in order, please fold it with the fur inside. This way, the folded scarf can be stored on a shelf in the wardrobe. It's best if nothing is placed on top of it. When you take it out, please shake it a few times to let the fur return to its place.